Movie Review – Ernest and Celestine

Wondering why movie review? Okay, So we (1st year students pursuing Masters of Design at Department of Design, IIT Hyderabad) are given this assignment to write reviews of the movies played in the Film Club run by the students of Department of Design itself. Some Award winning movies from well known art directors are shown in the club every Wednesday at 3:00 pm at the ‘The Design Adda’.

Purpose of this whole exercise is not just entertainment; it is also to learn the art of movie making, the process and the techniques followed while making the movie and to understand every aspect of it. Yeah! Pretty excited to write the first one. I hope I’ll be able to write the reviews on Wednesday itself. So the 1st one, here it goes.

Movie Review – Ernest and Celestine


It’s a very cute 2D animated movie, rendered in soft watercolour type illustrations, that narrates the unconventional yet beautiful relationship between a mouse and a bear in the most convincing way. Use of Soft colours, stunning visuals, and perfectly timed music effects, along with cute and funny sequences in between, makes the movie a charmer. Those simple yet beautiful water coloured illustrations gives a feel like the characters from the children’s story book has come alive. Even with the simple line works and minimal strokes, the ideas are conveyed flawlessly.

The story starts with the Celestine, a cute little mouse, who likes to paint but she is forced to take an internship at dentist place. She, unlike the other mice, has this strong notion of mice and bear living together happily with peace and harmony. She is a very good painter and keeps on portraying her belief through her illustrations. Despite of other fellows from her community trying to warn her about those giant dangerous mice eating bears, her belief doesn’t wear out. Ernest is a lonely, gigantic bear. He doesn’t have anything to eat. He loves to sing but couldn’t make living out of it.
While Celestine is given a task to find out and bring as many bear tooth as she can, Ernest is hungry and looking out for food desperately. Meanwhile the search, they encounter each other. Ernest tries to eat Celestine. Somehow, with her extra charismatic argument, she manages to convince him not to eat her. How thoughts of these two creatures, who are not supposed to get along together, turns up helping each other, staying with each other and finally take care of each other is depicted very beautifully in the movie.

Overall, the movie is an eye pleasing charmer that continues to amuse the audience till the very end of the movie. No wonder the movie bagged so many awards and nominations.

Movie Poster - Ernest And Celestine

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