Movie Review – Grave of the fireflies


Grave of the fireflies is another breathtakingly beautiful movie from Studio Ghibli directed by Isao Takahata. It is Japanese war time story narrated perfectly with every possible minute detail. From the behaviour of a fly to the behaviour of a 5year old kid, everything is flawlessly depicted.

The story is a semi autobiography written by Akiyuki Nosaka. It is about a teenager Seita and his 5 year old sister Satsuko, and their survival during the World War II, after they lose their parent. Their feeling, the fear they go through when they see the war, the people getting hurt, when they get to know about their parent demises, how they tackle it, how they take care of each other, everything is precisely portrayed. Especially the character of the kid, Satsuko is very heart touching. The character of the 5 year old, her nature and how she behaves in certain situation is so realistic, some real, non-animation movie could have missed on to that details.

The hand – drawn animations of the movie are cute enough to make you feel amused yet they are close enough to the real world to make you feel the heat of war time. Love, care, hatred, rush, fear, feeling of being alone, the guilt, it covers all the emotions.

Basically it breaks the stereotype of a typical animation movie where we expect cute main character, some gags and a typical villain to trouble him, and his escape and survival throughout. No, Grave of fireflies is not that kind of movie. If you going to watch it with those expectations please make a note that it is not one of that kind still it will surely leave a mark onto your heart. It is better than most of the war movies ever made. Well who can forget the cuteness and the impact of the dialogue “Why must fireflies die so young?”

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