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From the Studio Ghibli, ‘My Neighbur Totoro’, is Japanese animated movie released in 1988 and is directed by Hayao Miyazaki best known for his hand drawn animations. It’s an absolute classic with simple plot, stunning animation, serene background and adorable characters – Mei, Satsuki (two sisters just shifted to a new house along with their father) and Totoro (a spirit that lives in the woods in their neighborhood).

Story, as already mentioned, is about a family with two kids, Mei and Satsuki, their father, and mother who is in hospital, a Nanny, her grandson and Totoro – a spirit that lives in the neighborhood camphor tree. Mei is a little kid while Satsuki is elder to her. This family is recently shifted to a new house in the countryside. How these kids manages their life without having their mother around, what emotions they go through, how they react when they had first encounter with spirits, is depicted seamlessly.

The best thing about the story is it doesn’t have any villain, drama or fight. The story unwinds with the perception of a little kid, how a child sees and discovers the things around. The cute little things, laughs, dance, shouts and the curiosity of those little minds reminds us of our childhood and takes us the world of children. Soon you’ll get so engrossed in the movie, you’ll start enjoying and feeling the happiness, the joy, the emotions those kids go through.

Also, every scene in the movie is very thoughtful. Each character, background, every element has some meaning associated with it. Well you may have to watch the movie 2-3 times to get the deep rooted meaning associated with each scene.

Overall, It’s a heart warming, emotional, very thoughtful movie, must watch for every animation lover.

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